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It's Rainy Season! 5 Must-have Prints For The Season!

It's Rainy Season! 5 Must-have Prints For The Season!

It's Rainy Season! 5 must-have prints for the season!

The pitter-patter of rain on the windowpane, thandi hawa, carrying the earthy smell of mitti ki khushboo, and a steaming cup of chai in your hand - yeh hai monsoon ka maza! But what really makes the monsoon experience even more special? A beautiful saree jo monsoon ke vibe ke sath aapko beautiful feel karati hein. Laxmipati Saree understands your love for both comfort and style during the rainy season. That's why we offer a curated collection of stunning printed sarees crafted from flowy fabrics like georgette and chiffon. These sarees not only drape beautifully but also ensure you stay comfortable and feel strong and elegant. 

So, forget the boring raincoats and step out in style with these 5 must-have printed georgette and Chiffon saree trends for the monsoon season:

  • Embrace the Bloom: Monsoon brings along with it a splash of colours and life. What better way could it be reflected than in the form of a floral-printed saree? Whether it be some intricate posy of roses or a bouquet of wildflowers, the floral georgette printed saree is going to do magic by giving a soft touch of 'feminine charm' to the overall rainy day look.
  • Elegance with Paisleys: It is one of the oldest designs, yet never out of style. Intricate by design and elegant in flow—impeccable for a sophisticated monsoon look. Go for a georgette saree in a rich jewel tone, such as deep purple or wine red, edited with a delicate paisley design.
  • Stripes for a Chic Look: You definitely need one of those versatile prints which can easily be dressed up or down for an occasion. Go for bold, vertical, or horizontally striped designer chiffon sarees to make you look slim in the overall silhouette and add a dash of modernity to the look this monsoon.
  • Bold and Vibrant Colors: Embrace this season with bold and vibrant colours that add confidence to your mood. Fiery red, sunshine yellow, electric blue—each one a bold, energetic colour that is sure to lift spirits and add a dash of playfulness to your monsoon look.
  • Monochrome Magic: Make big bang statements this monsoon with monochrome prints on your sarees. Whether it is the eternal combination of black and white or a bold duo like emerald green and black, there isn't anything quite like it—expressing sophistication and style in ways words never can. 

Looking to find these stunning printed sarees online? Laxmipati Saree has everything you need! We offer a wide variety of:
- Georgette Sarees for Women Online

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- Printed Chiffon Sarees

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Yeh hain humari top 3 saree collections jo monsoon ke liye bilkul perfect hain!

  • Bhel Puri Collection: This is the celebration of vibrant colours and playful prints with captivating designs in bold geometrics, quirky polka dots, and contrasting colours in the Bhel Puri collection, which warmly expresses what is required by all who like to have fun and add personality to attire. 
  • Prem Varsha Collection: The romance of monsoons has found its way into this collection of beautiful sarees with soft, flowing fabrics and delicate floral prints. Making Claims in Pastel Colors, and intricate designs, Prem Varsha comes to be the epitome of the eternal phenomenon called monsoon love. But the Prem Varsha collection is not all just whispers of love; some sarees have captivating, heavier prints. These are apt for those special occasions in which the monsoon cannot dampen a bit. So, be it a puja or even a dinner date, Prem Varsha collection sarees will make you look and feel your absolute best.
  • Bansuri Collection: Like the ever-changing monsoon sky, this collection is a symphony of colours and textures! Inspired by evocative prints on georgette and chiffon sarees, where each one is a canvas, this collection makes for a delightful mix. From timeless paisleys to blooming florals, Bansuri has them all, matching your every mood.

Ready to embrace the vibrant energy of the monsoon season with a touch of style? Visit today and browse our stunning collection of printed georgette and chiffon sarees. Find your perfect match, and drape yourself in comfort and elegance this monsoon season.