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Bollywood-Approved Sarees for Your Next Big Event

From larger-than-life ensembles to dramatic train moments, Bollywood has always given us memories that have been discussed and followed through generations. One such thread that ties generations of cinematic moments together is the quintessential Indian masterpiece – Saree 

From Mumtaz's famous orange saree in "Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche" to Priyanka Chopra's iconic saree in "Dostana", this elegant garb has been immortalized in many iconic Bollywood moments. It's no secret that Bollywood has influenced fashion trends over the years. The sarees worn by actresses in Bollywood films have influenced fashion trends in India and worldwide.  

In this blog, we will explore some of the most iconic sarees worn by Bollywood characters and suggest similar sarees that you can add to your wardrobe. Let's take a trip down memory lane and discover the timeless beauty of coveted Bollywood sarees! 




Get Sridevis saree look

This blue chiffon saree from Mr. India lives rent-free in our minds. The saree's understated elegance was a hit since it was offbeat compared to the era's flashy clothing trends. Sridevi's performance in the song etched the outfit's place in Bollywood's hall of fame.  

The enduring appeal of this saree still inspires new fashion trends decades after it first appeared on the silver screen. 

Get Sridevi's blue saree
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Get Madhuri Dixit's purple saree

Madhuri Dixit's purple and gold saree with a backless blouse significantly influenced the fashion industry, setting the trend for years to come. The elaborate golden work on the saree and the matching jewels added to its glamour. Madhuri Dixit's star power made it an iconic Bollywood look. 

Madhuri Dixit's Hum aapke hai kaun saree
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Raveena tandon's tip tip barsa pani saree

Several aspects made this song iconic - the actors, the performance, the direction, the choreography, and most importantly, the saree! Raveena Tandon's saree in the hit song "Tip Tip Barsa Pani" is remembered as one of Bollywood's most iconic and sensual looks from the 90s era. 

This saree is often recreated in movies and fashion shows. This sensual yet playful yellow masterpiece has rightfully earned its place in Bollywood’s fashion history. 

Get raveena tandon's yellow saree
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Made in heaven sarees

Sobhita Dhulipala's portrayal of the confident Tara Khanna in the series was highly appreciated by many. However, it was not just her performance that garnered attention, but also her outstanding outfits that were a highlight of the show.  

One of the standout fashion moments from the popular web series features Sobhita Dhulipala donning this striking red saree. This ensemble perfectly fuses contemporary fashion with Indian traditions, making it a true representation of a modern style. 

Get sobhitas made in heaven saree
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Get Sushmita Sens Main hoon na saree

Sushmita Sen donned breezy and lovely chiffon sarees throughout the film. But this red and black polka dot saree became so popular that it's still celebrated for its beauty and elegance, even after almost two decades since its release. This saree was full of fresh and youthful vibe. This saree was paired with minimalistic jewellery, which let the saree take centre stage. 


Sushmita Sens black saree from Main hoon na
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The sarees worn by Bollywood actresses have become an integral part of our pop culture and have left a lasting impact on the fashion history of India's film industry. These sarees have not only set new trends but also served as a foundation for various styles that followed. Even today, many of these iconic sarees continue to inspire us to experiment with different blouse designs and minimalistic styles. The creative approach to styling these sarees has made them truly iconic and worthy of inclusion in our wardrobes. So, why not embrace your inner Bollywood diva by incorporating these timeless looks into your wardrobe! 

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