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A guide to preparing your wedding ensemble.

In India, weddings are on par with festivals. Everyone enjoys dressing up, dancing, and attending these joyous celebrations. 

No matter whose wedding we attend, dressing up plays an important role. We ensure that our hair, makeup, jewellery, outfits, and footwear are on point. We enjoy donning the most magnificent Indian attires for a line-up of ceremonies. 

Every ceremony has a distinct significance and is unique in its setup, tone, and ambience. We must dress accordingly, keeping in mind the atmosphere of the event. 

This blog will guide you in selecting the perfect Indian outfit for all wedding-related festivities! 

    1. MEHENDI 

Pick an outfit that will complement the beautiful henna designs. Instead of wearing traditional sarees, you can opt for a more modern look like a sharara in vibrant colours. 

Add some flair to your outfit with a striking pair of jhumkas. Your hair can be braided into a headband or pulled back in a low ponytail. 




   2. HALDI 

For a quintessential Haldi ceremony, yellow is a mandatory colour. You can mix and match this style. Choose a set of kurta and pants for a traditional look, or you can ditch the pants with a pair of jeans and give it a twist. You can keep your hair down and accessorise it with silver earrings.  




    3. COCKTAIL 

You can replace the full Indian ensemble with a western outfit. Pick a bright or any dark-coloured dress. High heels and statement earrings will complete your look! 




    4. SANGEET 

The Sangeet is one of the most fun occasions! A coord set would make the perfect outfit. This set will make you look gorgeous while you dance and spin about. You can accessorize with diamond earrings and choose a high ponytail or a back bun for your hair. 

For comfort and some sass, wear sneakers with your coord set. 




   5. PHERAS  

The main wedding ceremony, the pheras, calls for a red-coloured outfit. When it comes to weddings, nothing compares to the magnificence of red. Pick a lehenga, saree, sharara, or another heavy garment. You can adorn your feet with golden, glittering footwear and your hands with kadas and bangles. 





The wedding fever is still on! Go for something subtle yet vibrant to keep the wedding's charm. You can choose a palazzo pattern and soft hues for a flared appearance! Juttis are the perfect pair of footwear to complete this style. For a more festive appearance, you can curl or crimp your hair! 




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