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Ethnic Wear to Transition From Festive To Wedding Season

With the wedding season coming up, getting our ethnic closet sorted can be overwhelming. But saares are a great option and can easily be styled for festive occasions as well as wedding celebrations.   

Whether you're looking for a dressy or festive-casual look, there are several ways to style these ethnic ensembles.  

Sashay from the festivities to the wedding season with these versatile styles.  


Bandhani saares make an excellent pick for the festive season. They are vibrant and joyful. Add an some heavy jewellry, and you have a regal look for a wedding function. It will give you the rich and colourful look that you need for every occasion. 


  2. Embroidery  

The art of embroidering involves using a needle to attach thread or yarn to a cloth or other materials to decorate them. Pearls, beads, quills, and sequins can be used in embroidery. It's perfect for the wedding season, adding glam to your look and helping you make a statement! 


   3. Jacquard   

Instead of being printed or coloured onto the fabric's surface, the pattern and colours of jacquard fabrics are woven into the cloth. It is one of the most versatile fabrics, and you may use it for festive and casual occasions. 


    4. Laheriya 

Rajasthan is the birthplace of the age-old tie-and-dye printing method known as laheriya. Artisans use resist dyeing to produce swirling striped designs on various colorful fabrics. Laheriya is perfect for weddings, festive pujas, and even formal dinners. 




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